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Welcome to the webpage of Bert Lochs’ Inspiration for Improvisation: a Youtube-channel full of trading tracks to get inspiration for your improvisations. On this page a little insight on the why, and access to downloads.

The channel Bert Lochs’ Inspiration for Improvisation on Youtube

In my long experience with learning and teaching improvisation, I have always found it quite enjoyable but above all very valuable to trade fours with people. With an accompaniment track you play four bars, and then someone else plays four bars. For beginners this has some advantages opposed to jump into the deep ocean of ‘playing an improvised solo on changes’:

-You don’t have to play a whole chorus immediately

-You can start off with little ideas

-you get offered a new idea every four bars

-You can listen to the interpretation of the other, so you don’t loose the style

-You cannot get lost as easy

It’s like improvising with sidewheels: if you risk a fall, you get caught just in time and supported for the next round. This way skills improve:

-You learn to ‘feel’ four bars (two, eight)

-You learn to listen to the other

-You learn to develop an idea given to you by the other player

-You learn to give direction to your idea

-You learn to listen to the changes

Have fun!